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Oh, wow, that´s quite sad..but see it in a positive light, you can make them all flustered :D "Hey, how are you?" "Pretty bad, like on every other birthday." "Wait, what? It´s your birthday?!!?!?!?" XDDDDDD ANYWAYS, CONGRATS <3

aw, thank you XD *big virtual hug*

but my birthday already pass by the way, I’m just a little envy when saw my friend’s timeline when in their birthday, all people congrats them while mine is empty. haha..




Precious men 

Context behind the first GIF: 

Sho: Ohno-san, you once played a Shinsengumi character, right? Could you feel the charm of these historical figures?
Ohno: I read the books. 
Sho: You read quite a bit of them, right?
Ohno: Yeah, I did. They were a legend, weren’t they? 
Nino: Who would you say is their modern equivalent?
Ohno: Arashi, I guess?

Sho & Nino: *whacks*
Nino: STOP IT.